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About the Fire Safety Audit

The NSW Fire Brigades are committed to reducing the occurrence and impact of emergency incidents on the people, environment, and economy of NSW. Committed to worlds best practice, they are continuously researching existing fire safety programs throughout the world, and innovating to deliver new ways to disseminate important fire safety information.

The online Home Fire Safety Audit is a good example of this.  A joint initiative between NSW Fire Brigades and major community partner GIO, it sets a new benchmark in the way fire safety information can be delivered online.

The audit works by taking users through a virtual home, identifying key fire risks and asking questions about fire related behaviour, which then provides personalised recommendations that allow them to address and minimise these risks.

It provides a rich interactive experience, which is customised to each user.  Users can register a username and password so that they can save their results, come back in the future and undertake another audit, and even email a friend or share their results via social networking sites like twitter and facebook.

Feedback on the audit is always welcome.  If you have comments or suggestions, please email CEDU.NSWFB@fire.nsw.gov.au