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Home appliances are fragile. We use them for years at a time without proper maintenance and care and then act surprised when it breaks down. Usually at this stage, the costs for repairs are far more as the damage has accumulated. To extend running life for as long as possible then you need to keep these tips in mind when it comes to the following appliances.


Firstly, control how many items you keep in the fridge. By overloading past your fridge’s capacity, it ends up interfering with the ability to circulate the cold air around properly. The compressor usually has to work harder to keep all the groceries fresh but usually the efficiency ends up being lowered long term and the foods get spoiled when the cooling begins to malfunction. Have you been told as a kid to close the fridge doors when you keep it open for too long? As it happens, there’s actually more to this. By opening the fridge doors and keeping it open, a gush of warm air enters the fridge, while cold air exits. This pushes the compressor to work harder to maintain the optimal temperature. Also remember that maintaining at least 2 inches of space around the fridge helps conserve energy.


The microwave has a list of things and actions that can quite easily cause a malfunction that can easily result in an explosion or fire. Because of this, you should be extremely careful when it comes to your microwave and keep your kids informed as well. Firstly, make sure that you don’t warm any metals in the microwave- this also includes aluminum foil that you find on packed foods. There are also flammable items that are lesser known for their ability to damage a microwave. For example, plastic bags tend to give off toxic fumes and paper grocery bags too are flammable. Certain food items like raisins and grapes don’t do too well in microwaves and tend to start smoking. It’s even possible for eggs in shells to explode due to the pressure from the heat.

The Countertops

From the stove to the kitchen sink, the countertops need to be constantly maintained so that grime and bacteria don’t accumulate. Make sure to clean these regularly so they work efficiently. Install a splashback so your walls too are protected from splashes and spills, reducing the amount of money and time you take to clean up. There are also various beautiful designs for your splashback you can invest in to up your kitchen’s physical appearance as well.

Washing Machine

The fastest way to have your washing machine conk off is to overload it with clothes. Make sure to add smaller loads in at a time and make it a point not to put in large rugs or rubber mats.

You should also clean the inner drum with a damp cloth to remove residual soapy water or dirt and keep the door open to let any moisture evaporate.

These are the common reasons for your home appliances to malfunction so make sure to maintain them regularly.

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