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Whether you’re remodelling your home or buying a new one, one of the hardest processes you’ll have to do is decide on your paint. When it comes to paint, you have different finishes to choose from, each of which go well with a particular room of the house. You also get so many different colours to choose from, and since painting is a cumbersome job, you can’t very well change your mind midway about what you want. To help you out, here’s a small guide on which paint you can use in your home and where.

Acrylic Paints

Acrylic paints are a popular choice amongst homeowners to paint walls and ceilings. This is because they’re highly durable, they don’t peel and most conveniently, they dry fast. Their properties are such that they can withstand extreme weather conditions and temperatures while also strongly combatting staining on walls as well as fading. If you want a smooth finish, make sure to fill in the cracks and holes of your walls and follow up with priming before painting.

High/Mid-Sheen Emulsions

The dominating characteristic of these paints is that they give off a silky, elegant finish. So much so that they are also called velvet emulsions! These types of paints are perfect for interiors. You’ll find that the elegant finish also has a bit of a shine, which comes about as the paint’s ability to reflect light. However, if you want to keep this shine, then you’ll have to routinely wipe your walls down with a damp cloth. At least one in 3 months would do the trick. When shopping your furniture collection online, keep in mind that it should complement the colours of this paint that you pick out. You’ll want to go for sleek colours like white, or black.


Low-sheen paints are perfect for ceilings. This is because if you choose a reflective paint instead, there will be a lot of unnecessary light bouncing around in the room. Not only will this be distracting, it will also highlight the flaws of your room.

Matte Finish

If you have poorly finished walls with dents, scratches and nails, you’ll want to avoid bright colours at all costs. Instead go for a dark colour that would hide all these little imperfections. So essentially if you have deep coloured walls, a matte finish would go great with it. This is non-reflective and absorbs any of that light, which tries to reveal those flaws. Certain matte finish paints also have burnish-resistance properties, which means they prevent the walls from getting patchy after being cleaned. It’s also worth noting that since matte-finish paints are hard to clean, you’ll want to get the washable type.


Semi-gloss paint is usually used in kitchens and bathrooms because they are highly resistant to fungal growth, which, needless to say, since these two locations are most exposed to moisture and humidity, they are at most risk of wall-staining from fungal growth. They are also quite easy to clean!

Now you know which paint to use in which room! Make your choice wisely!

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