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Building a home is a process that begins long before the foundation of your house is set. You’ll need a solid plan and to have thought of everything through to avoid some of the most basic of construction errors. Using this guide, you’ll be well on your way to avoiding these and making that dream home a reality!


It’s so easy to get lost in the financial strain that comes with building a new home. It undoubtedly means you need to have some financial backing so you’ll probably have to take out a construction loan. First, find out what kind of loan you qualify for- you can then modify your plans to meet the set budget. When taking out your loan, watch out for banks that will want to lend you more money that is necessary under the guise of unexpected costs. Yes, you need to have a small reserve in case of emergencies but it’s best that you get this opinion from a third-party professional (your accountant or financial adviser) to find out how much exactly you need in your account. Don’t forget you’ll be needing money for things like an internet connection, furnishings, carpeting and more for when your house is built.

Choosing A Lot

No matter where you plan on building your home, you’ll have to choose your land after having a few specific investigations conducted. You’ll want to check for the wellness of aspects such as drainage, soil condition and zoning before you make any permanent decisions.

Furniture Placement

You’ll want to think of your cabinet and furniture placement early on in the day else you’ll find yourself wishing that you moved those walls a little further back to make for more room to walk around comfortably. Furniture tends to overcrowd a room more than expected. So, set aside your measurements for any possible furniture and appliances early on in the design phase itself and make adjustments to your floor plan accordingly.

The Team

Consider hiring a professional architect first before you think of builders, excavators and so on. The architect will draft a design after getting to know you, your family, your dreams and concerns. He’ll then select the materials needed and overlook the whole process to make sure you get your dream home.


You need to get your hands on a written contract both signed and dated by the architect you’re dealing with. Since you don’t want to be caught unawares, keep yourself informed on what exactly goes into a building contract.

It will have to include all the details of the project and a list of the parts that will go into it (commonly known as the specs). Without these detailed specifications, you’re at risk of having cheaper substitutes used so analyse your contract well and negotiate when it comes to this aspect. You don’t want to build the foundation of your house on cheap material- it’s quite risky and always safer to spend a little extra in this step.

Keep these things in mind when building your new home and you’ll have avoided many a chance of error along the way.

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