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When choosing the perfect front door, you have to make sure it is strong and durable, provide security and adds to the elegance of your house. This is why sometimes picking the right design and type can be difficult. Take a look at the tips given below to see how to choose the perfect front door for your house.


The material matters a lot when deciding the security of the place as well the durability of the door. There are different materials you can chose from including steel, aluminium, wooden, glass or vinyl doors. Steel will give you the maximum security. Simple steel doors are also less expensive so this will be an added benefit when you purchase them. Metal doors are the best for harsh weather elements as well, and can last for five to seven years. Vinyl is also another inexpensive material and are often used for screen doors and storm doors. Wooden ones will give your house a more luxurious and elegant look, and can last for a long period of time.


Doors come in many styles and designs so you will have to explore all your options before choosing the best match. The best way to choose the perfect design is to match it with the architectural design of your house. If your house has a traditional architectural design, then choosing a wooden door with a traditional appearance is the best choice. You can use glass doors or steel door in houses where you need to add sleeker and a modern look. Also remember that the colour of the door matters as well. Make sure that the colour matches the exterior appearance of your house. This does not always have to be of the same shade as the outer walls of the house. You can also try picking a colour that contrast a little with the walls to give a bold appearance.

Do Your Measurements Right

If you are replacing an old door, then measuring its length, width and depth will help you to buy a new one of the similar size. But if you are doing a larger renovation and want something of a different size or are buying a door for a new house for the first time, make sure to take the measurements of the dimensions of the frame. You can then look for a design and a size that will fit into the frame, can buy one that are similar to the measurements and not the exact same and make adjustments. You can also get a custom made door.

Buy Door Hardware

Doors do not come with hinges, latches or knobs. You will need to buy these items separately. Pay especial attention when buying handles as their style and design too help in deciding the architectural theme of the house. You can find good door knobs, easily operated handles or quality door closers from ENTRO depending on the design you prefer. Knobs will be the best choice if you want to add a traditional look. For more contemporary house with steel or glass doors, handles will suit more.

Knowing the right design, you should opt for will help you to save your time when shopping for new items for your house. Keep these tips in mind to make sure you buy the perfect door that adds both safety and look to your place.

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