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Every parent’s dream is to one day welcome a new addition to their happy family. Yet once you have a child, the next concern the mother has is on how to make a proper nursery with everything the baby requires. Therefore, below are a few creative ways on how new mothers could decorate their child’s nursery.

Everything Within Easy Reach

The most important factor when having a nursery is to ensure that everything you need for the baby is within easy reach. Therefore, it would be ideal for you to get a movable table or a cupboard with everything you need stacked and kept close to your feeding place. This cupboard should include a changing table with the diapers, lotions, wet wipes and so on. The need to keep everything in one place arises as once you start changing the baby’s nappies you can’t leave your baby in isolation and move to look for anything you need such as a wet wipe or an extra cloth.

Focus On A Theme

The first concern one should have when planning on decorating a nursery is the theme. Since the past people have got used to sticking to anything blue if it is a boy and everything pink if it is a girl. But it does not have to be the same anymore. Go wild with your imaginations. Pick on creative themes such as pirates, deep sea, fairy kingdom or even mother nature. Once you set your mind on a specific theme it would be easy for you to work on matching furniture and clothes.

The next concern is the window furnishings and the bedding. You should always keep it minimal and bright. Make sure that the materials you select for both the bedding and the curtain are cotton and child-friendly. If you think that curtains will not be protective, then you may opt for blinds. Blinds are easy to maintain and are also strong and secure than curtains.

Comfort For Both The Mother And The Child

A nursery is not only for the baby but is also for the mother. A mother spends most of the time with her baby in the nursery, therefore it is important to have a comfortable feeding chair for the mother where she can sit comfortably while nursing the child. Sitting in different positions will not just make the mother and baby uncomfortable but also might lead to long term back issues for the mother in the future.

Make The Room Darker

There is a myth among parents that they should not leave their child’s nursery dark. But like mentioned it is only a myth. Making your child’s nursery dark would provide a message to your baby that it is night and time for bed. It could be difficult to put a newborn to sleep as they are extremely excited and curious about the things that are happening around them. In such circumstances having the nursery dark will help the mother in the process of putting the baby to sleep quick.

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