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The days when pantries were dreary and boring and were often kept behind closed doors are over and today the pantry of the modern home is truly the focus of it. It also is central to daily life and even doubles up as occasional entertaining space, family room or even the media centre or study. If you think about it, developing your pantry design first will give you direction on how the rest of the house should flow. Because of the immense demand for pantry designs that will stop you in your tracks, manufacturers have introduced a whole plethora of design styles that range from old world charm to chic and futuristic. Your options are never limited even then because there are always the space to tailor make your designs from scratch. Your pantry should ideally be a beautiful reflection of your taste and style and here are some great designs that you could choose from.

The Cosy Country Farmhouse Pantry

This style is always open and feels very inviting. It allows you to enjoy that amazingly refreshing feeling of a weekend getaway even in your own home. The popular features in this style are farmhouse-style tables and cabinets and a very eclectic range of finishing touches that will make the space feel cosy. What you are going for here is not the sophisticated chic vibe so always remember to keep it looking like it has been lived in. The generally popular colours for this style are primary ones like yellow, blue or red to varied shades of cream or pale yellow. Always mix up the palette and do not match in a farmhouse style pantry.

The Modern and Sleek Pantry

If you want a pantry design that will always appear neat and tidy and have as little as clutter as possible, the modern and sophisticated pantry is your perfect option. You can include reflective surfaces here along with the use of high tech gadgets along with wooden finishes in place of fabrics. If you want to bring in even more character look for custom kitchen benchtops in Melbourne and install your own creative design for a very personalized finish. You can also bring in mid-century seating designs that bring in a very modern but also classic feel. Wood that has been highly polished to shine can also really translate well in this kind of look.

The Contemporary Pantry

If you want something that is high on functionality while not losing out on the familiar homely feeling that a pantry should have, the contemporary pantry is the way to go for you. This look consists of a few curated aspects that combine the looks and feels of new and old as well as sophisticated and casual. Another interesting feature here is the spaciousness of the design which promotes the concept of cooking together rather than cooking for each other. Bring in your personal touches through comfy seating options and high-quality cooking equipment for that amazing final bit of finesse.

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