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Once you have found the houses that meet your requirements, the next step in house hunting is to go for house inspections. However, if you don’t know what to look or where to look in a house, the house inspection will not be properly completed and you might end up with a house with bad plumbing or electricity problems. Take a look at the following to see what are the areas you need to look into when buying a house.

HVAC System

One of the main things to look for in a house inspection is the condition of the heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning system and make sure it is functional. A well-maintained house will have an HVAC system that is working properly and a system that is not well looked after tend to wear off quickly. An efficient system at the time of buying the house also means you can save money on energy consumption as well.

Plumbing and Electricity

Another area to look into is plumbing an electricity. Keep an eye out for any faucets that are leaking, check the water supply in the bathrooms, kitchen and any other place where the water supply is important. It is also important that you check the electrics before the purchase of a house in order to prevent paying high electric bills and avoid electric shocks or fires.

Foundation and Roof

Find out how old the roof of the house is. The last thing you want is your new house getting flooded because the roof is leaking and unkempt roof with blocked gutters. Just like the roof you should pay similar attention to the foundation of the house as well. You can also get the help of a Brisbane building inspections company to help you out with the home examinations as these professionals would know exactly where to look when check these aspects.

Pest Inspections

One of most important but easily forgotten things in a house examination is pest inspection. Before buying a building make sure the place is pest free and clean. A place that is infested with pests tend to encourage the spread of diseases and allergies and can have interior structures that are damaged by pests. Hire professionals who can do a pre purchase building inspections manly to ensure the new house you want to buy is pest free and clean.


Just checking the interior aspects of a house is not enough to determine the quality of a place. You will also have to check the exterior including the drainage as well as the garden. Check to see if there are any places where water gets collected for too long. Is the garden well maintained or are there dead plants and weeds everywhere? Are there trees obstructing the electric posts or lamp posts? These are some of the areas you need to pay attention to when checking the exterior of a house.

Once these areas are checked well, you have successfully completed your house inspection. For better examination you can always hire professionals to help you out instead of doing it yourself alone.

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