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Firstly, congratulations on taking that step towards expanding your family! But now you’re going to have to prepare for a lot of change in the family dynamics and how you run your household as well. To get your home in perfect shape to accommodate a baby, follow this guide below!

The Safety Exam

You might think having a baby is months away and even then, he won’t be able to do much except drink, sleep and cry but time flies and before you know it, you’ll have an extremely mobile baby crawling around your house, up to no good whatsoever! So, conduct what we call the ‘safety exam’ to identify what needs changing in your house. For example, we often have open cabinets of dishwashing products, cleaning products and other detergents well within reach of a crawling baby- needless to say all of which contain toxic chemicals for your little one. So, baby proof your cabinets with easily installed magnetic locks.

Red Zones

Babies are extremely vulnerable to infection, which means you have to keep your house spick and span to the best of your ability. The dirtiest areas to watch out for are your countertops, the handles, stove knobs, the kitchen sink, the dish rags etc. These things that are used so often in day-to-day activities. You’ll want to have your partner give your house a once over while you’re recovering in hospital so you bring your baby to a clean home and then for the months to follow keep sanitizing wipes near the above red zone so they can be wiped down regularly so you don’t pass an infection down to your kid.


Once that baby comes along, you’re going to be dealing with more stains than you ever have in your life. So, stock up on an enzymatic stain cleaner so that you’ll have all your stains from spit-up food to urine and poop taken care of in one go. Also consider investing in an upgraded hamper because you’re going to be accosted with mounds of laundry once baby comes along. Perhaps one with compartments or you can buy one separately for the nursery (your best course of option).

Pest Control

Needless to say, you can’t have roaches wandering your floors and rats sneaking in and out at night. If you suspect that you have even the slightest of problems, contact a professional to get rid of vermin because this is the most unhygienic of situations for your baby.

Kitchen Space

Soon your kitchen will be overrun with baby equipment and baby foods so now’s a good time as ever to get started on re-assessing your kitchen. It’s time to de-clutter and get rid of the things you don’t need. Also make room in the fridge while you’re at it, because you’re going to need space for that baby formula eventually or the treats your family and neighbours will bring over when coming to see you and your precious newborn.

Shopping for your baby can be incredibly fun but make sure to do it well before the baby arrives because you just won’t have the time after! So, get all those equipment, clothes and needs sorted out and make sure to de-clutter your home so you can fit it all in!

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