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Your living room is probably the main room in the whole house. It is the place where you entertain your guests and the place they first arrive as they come over to your place. Some living rooms have a TV in them so the whole family gets together in this room. In a way you could say that the living room is the one room that is used by everyone in the house. It is also the room that will need constant care and cleaning as it the one that would most likely get dirty soon, except the kitchen of course. If your living room has become rather dull and started to look a little old and washed off-like then it is high time to get it revamped. Usually if you feel like revamping any part of your house, this often leads to the whole house being given the same treatment and you may not be in a position to do so. It could be that the costs involved in this remodel is too high or the timing isn’t just right and so the whole idea of giving the place a revamp is tossed aside. Instead of focusing on a large area to remodel, you could focus just on your living room. After all it is one of the most important rooms in the whole house. Here are some ideas on how you can do this.

Increase The Level Of Natural Light

Usually, if your living room or your house has started to look gloomy and dull it is because it isn’t getting sufficient light. And not just any light, specifically natural light. There is absolutely no light source that could beat natural light and the feeling that it brings. Natural light has a sense of warmth and radiance that makes any place brighten up and make the people living in that area much happier. In order to ensure you get the maximum amount of natural light, you could add plantation shutters or large transparent glass doors or windows. Now you might wonder what you could do if the light is too bright or it starts getting too hot. Well, the windows that you introduced should have the ability to be closed and as well as the transparent windows which should have blinds that can be closed. The idea behind is to get the maximum amount of light into your living room to remove the feeling of it being gloomy or dull.

Do Not Clutter

Cluttering is one thing that immediately makes a place look bad no matter what you do. If your living room has a whole lot of stuff either matching a common theme or just placed there for no good reason,

this can seriously make your place look dull and not elegant in any way. It is important to have as little as possible in your living room beside the most absolutely needed items like furniture, maybe a rug, you could have a TV, a coffee table etc. It is absolutely fine to have decorative items such as paintings, and ornaments but not too many of them.

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