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Interior decorating can be a tough job. You’ve got to think of themes, decor, furniture, wallpapers, paint color, and the list goes on. But the real kicker? You have to organize them in a way that’s pleasing to the eye. With so many things to do and aspects to consider, you might think ‘why not just hire an interior designer to do all the work for me?’ But what if you had all the tips they had? If you’re intrigued, read on for proven methods on how to design your home like a professional interior designer.


Accessories are statement pieces that give your room character. They can range from much-needed bedroom lamps to vases and trinkets. What is probably the greatest thing about accessories is that they can be arranged according to your season- or you could even perhaps use some across ALL seasons. To think like an interior designer, get your hands on a collection of staple pieces that you can use interchangeably.

Mix N’ Match

A leading designer move is to mix up different textures to give a subtle contrast that can really add some depth to your space. For example, metallic and wood themed materials go really well together. Geometric printed and patterned wallpapers are another great way to introduce more textures to an otherwise plain room.


Playing with colors is a risky business but one you have to master if you want to think like an interior designer. Essentially what you need to learn is how to incorporate different shades instead of choosing a one-color scheme. You can use various magazines or even Pinterest images to help you understand how to achieve that balance.

Luxury Pieces

While a common piece of advice you’ll hear is to invest in some authentic, handmade pieces, here’s another tip you’ll want to heed as well. Incorporate the occasional luxury piece that screams designer- like glitter and metallic. These work especially well in smaller rooms.

Accentuate A Little Drama

It wouldn’t hurt to give some rooms in your house a more dramatic and mysterious flair. You can do this by using darker wallpapers and textures, especially small rooms, to give it a fuller, richer look.


Professional interior designers often get to know you and your preferences before they begin their work and incorporate it into their results. Similarly you shouldn’t shy away from expressing yourself with statement pieces, colours and themes since this is exactly what they use. You can probably do this part better than any interior designer. If you’re a collector don’t forget to show those off too!

Be Bold

Pops of bold color work excellently against simple, neutral backgrounds, no matter the context. From adding vibrant elements to your room as a whole to working on separate pieces such as neutral furniture with an over-sized velvet teal cushion to give it that added flair, you have many options at your disposal. The simple truth of the matter is that nothing goes better with neutrals than a bit of bold character.

Use the tips and with some practice, you’ll be decorating like a professional in no time! Happy decorating.

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