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Window treatment depends on a variety of factors. It is necessary to consider these factors when shopping for curtains for any room. Take a look at the factors mentioned below and you will see what are the special things to look for when shopping for a curtain for your house.


You can choose either dark or lighter shades for the color of the fabric, depending on the rest of the interior décor. Colors such as turquoise, pink, yellow, beige and white will add a calming nature to the room while bold colors such as red, green or bronze will add an energetic mood. But you also need to consider the location of the window. If it is placed in a way of direct sunlight, then lighter colors are not ideal as they fade soon. You can choose patterned designs (geometric, floral, stripes etc) as well as plain designs depending on your preference and wallpaper or paint of the room.


One of the most important features of a fabric used to create curtains is its flowy nature. If it is easier to pleat and fall perfectly when held up, then it is the perfect fabric for drapes and curtains. Also, in places where you want to block sunlight and need more privacy, you can use thicker fabrics such as velvet. For places where you want to let some of the natural light in sheer materials are a good choice. If you are using commercial windows for an office room, then you will need to look out for places to shop for commercial blinds Sydney, instead of traditional fabrics.


Measure the length and the width of the window before you go on shopping. If you want to have your interior decoration done in a perfect way, then you don’t want your curtains to be too long or too short. If you want longer drapes measure from the top of the window to the floor. If you want the drapes to puddle on the floor, make sure you add an extra two or three inches to the original length. When measuring the width, add four to eight inches on both sides. This will give a full look to the drapes. Measuring the length and the width before you go to the shop to purchase them you save enough time to do enough shopping.


Lining has a lot of benefits when it comes to the window treatment. One main benefit is that it helps to keep the sunlight away. Bedrooms and children’s rooms are places where you need to consider adding a lining. This does not mean that you cannot use lining on other rooms such as the living room or the kitchen. If you want to block the sun completely then try blackout lining. They create thermal insulation and noise reduction helping you to have a comfortable day at home and enjoy the calmness in your privacy. The lining can also protect the curtains from dust and dirt increasing their durability.

Before you set on to shop your curtains, decide the colors, fabric and the kind of lining you want. You don’t need to have exact details but at least have a rough idea on what you are shopping for.

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