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More and more designers find themselves fascinated with the concept of smaller houses. While more homeowners venture into the notion of minimalism, interior designers are left to brainstorm ways to make the most of a small space. Efficient and simple, it’s a minimalist’s dream home, if done right. So if you’re looking to invest, this could be the next new trend! Here’s how you can make that small space a dream come true:


Playing with illusions can be great fun. Your simplest way of doing so can be to install a big mirror! A mirror creates the illusion of having a larger space so will really liven up your hallway. Tip: place it opposite a window for maximum effect.


Darker painted walls in a smaller house make it feel like the walls are leaning more towards you. This is why you see most designers and homeowners choosing the colour white instead. It lightens up the room and in the process of doing so, makes the room more vibrant and spacious. Your choice in window treatments (blinds or curtains that let in the lightest) will definitely help your case.

Legged Furniture

Allowing yourself to the floor beneath your furniture makes more of a difference than you would think. So instead of getting a hefty piece that sits on its own weight, get furniture with legs. Also, don’t fall prey to squashing your furniture against the walls. Allow them to breathe, perhaps arrange your set centrally in the room?

Bespoke Furniture

When you’re dealing with small spaces, you’re going to be worrying about space and storage. How will you have to manipulate the furniture just so it can fit? And then how will you have to deal with the space you have left for storage purposes? Frankly, your best option is bespoke furniture, so you’ll have something that is tailor made for your nooks and crannies, from bunk beds to shelving alcoves.

Foldable Furniture

Foldable furniture makes up one of the essential features of a small space. You’ll be astounded at how many cool foldable pieces there are that don’t take up floor space and can be packed into your walls to form cupboard doors. We heavily suggest investing in this!


Transparent furniture such as glass coffee tables for example, allows you to see the floor underneath. This once again gives the illusion of larger space, while giving your room an airy look.

Extendable Furniture

Extendable furniture (perhaps, a dining table) will severely help you out when you start entertaining or expanding the family.

Hanging Plants

If you want to incorporate plants in your household but it would take up too much surface space, consider hanging pots so you can hang your plants from the ceiling instead. It’s a great way to incorporate that greenery in your home!

These interior design solutions will have your small space seeming so much airier and welcoming so don’t forget to apply them as they make life so much easier in just a couple of steps!

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