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When it comes to home maintenance, something that often gets overlooked and neglected is the roof. Not only is this bad for your roof, it can actually turn disastrous for the entire house. Improperly maintained roofs can quickly becoming leaky. Water can enter and promote the growth of mould all over the house, which in turn can lead to health problems to those living in it. If left neglected, continuous water damage can cause wood to rot, metal to rust and brick to become fragile, resulting in the entire structure of the house becoming weak.

While roofs generally last a long time, their lifespans can be shortened depending on various factors. For instance, if it tends to rain a lot where you live, then it will be need to be replaced sooner. Hence, you may sometimes need to replace your roof earlier. If you’ve never attempted to roof your house before or hardly engage in any kind of DIY project in general, don’t worry. Just stick to these helpful tips and you’ll do a great job:

Make Safety the Priority

Roofing is undoubtedly a dangerous task and it would be very unwise to go into the job without taking any precautions. All it takes is one slip of the feet for you to end up in the hospital with a few broken bones or worse. Hence, we highly recommend that you install a roofing jack first so you have a secure surface to work on. Also, if you can afford it, scaffolding is also a great idea.

In addition, a heavy tool could potentially fall on a family member or a passer-by. Therefore we recommend that you invest in a good tool belt so that you don’t have to place them on the inclined surface and just hope they don’t slide down.

Pick the Right Type of Shingles

Not just any kind of shingle will work for your house because it needs to be able to handle the weather conditions in your location while also complimenting the overall aesthetic. Here are some of common types:

  • Asphalt – these are probably the most widely used. They tend to last in excess of 20 years given that the weather is not continuously harsh.
  • Slate – these are very durable but hard to work with because of their weight. If you’re thinking about using slate shingles but you don’t have much experience, we highly recommend that you hire a roofing contractor, servicing Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney.
  • Laminated – These are thicker than slate shingles but are easier to handle.
  • Wood – if you want a traditional, rustic look then wood shingles are the one to go for. They also last for a very long time.

Pay Attention to the Gutters

Leaky spots are very commonly found in the gutters and therefore it’s a good idea to make sure that they aren’t filled with all sorts of debris. 

Inspect the Valleys

The places where two roofs meet are a very common location for leaks because water can easily accumulate there. Therefore when you’re performing maintenance on your roof, make sure to give the valleys a thorough inspection.

And there you have it- some great tips to help you get started with roofing your house.

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