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Old fashioned glass might not be the first thing to come to mind when you are designing a commercial building like an office or a shop. Glass has been in use in commercial buildings for centuries. Even with the advent of other material like plastics, glass still holds a strong sway over designers. What else can give you that stunning transparency?

As beautiful as glass is, it’s also quite fragile. Should you really use glass in commercial buildings? Here are several reasons to convince you:

Glass Offers the Best Protection against the Elements

The reason why many commercial buildings still use glass is not just because it looks good, it’s because glass is the best shield against the elements. The material holds up particularly well against rainy or damp weather.

Unlike wood, concrete, or anything similar, glass is not porous. Therefore, it doesn’t degrade easily compared to other material. It doesn’t corrode either, like metal. Though fragile, the material is easy enough to replace. Just call a local shop front window repair to have any broken glass windows repaired as quickly as in a day.

Glass Allows in Natural Light

The transparency of glass can give any commercial building a charming look. In addition, this quality contributes to the interior getting plenty of natural light during daytime. Interior designers and architects increasingly emphasize the need to design roomy and well-lit interiors. Glass is probably the best material you have at hand for achieving that sunny look.

Glass is Energy Efficient

As an extra perk, your business can definitely save money on energy expenditures by using glass. The inflow of natural light would eliminate the need to use light bulbs during daytime. That’s a major cost saving decision right there.

Not only that, some types of glass are designed to be energy-efficient in either winter or summer. For example, Low-e glass is widely used in commercial buildings. The name refers to low emissivity. It means that the glass can radiate energy. As a result, the interiors are cool in the summer, and warm in the winter. You can combine Low-e glass with an energy-efficient HVAC system to greatly reduce energy costs at the commercial building.

Great for Eco-Friendly Purposes

Glass is naturally sourced. It doesn’t release toxins or otherwise harm the surrounding environment. It can even save your business energy costs. For all these reasons, glass is an excellent eco-friendly material to use in commercial building construction. It’s definitely better than transparent plastic.

Meet Unique Business Needs

Does your business need large transparent walls for showroom purposes? Perhaps you need to create an open work environment? Glass is perfect for both.

Glass is the best for showrooms and shops that really want to show off the products. The material remains impressively transparent with low maintenance requirements. You can create glass screens easily for product display.

Glass walled rooms are ideal for corporate offices as well, especially those that want open, roomy areas. It eliminates a sense of secrecy and improves transparency, literally, within the office.

Glass looks great, saves costs, and lasts well against the elements. Therefore, it’s still a great material for your commercial building, office, or store.

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