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These days there is an endless number of flooring choices from which to select an ideal floor material for your home. Flooring comes in all colours, textures and qualities so it all depends on what you would like and also on what you can afford. Here is a list of the most commonly used flooring all around the world and what is so great about them and what is not so great about them:


This creates a bare and minimalistic look that a lot of people love. It also works great for homes that are going for sort of an industrial feel. It is pretty much scratch proof and is a great insulator so it cuts down the heating and cooling costs of your home. It is low maintenance due to how easy it is to clean. But it does have one issue, over time small cracks may form as a result of extreme heat after which there are rapid cooling and soon and so forth. But besides this, concrete is an excellent contender.


Anyone who likes vinyl will also probably be very fond of linoleum as they are very similar. From kitchens to School hallways, linoleum is usually the go-to flooring for all areas that get a lot of heavy foot traffic. It does however create a very out-dated look though because all those diners, ministries, dormitories and other places built before the 60’s seem to have linoleum flooring. But it was certainly built to last. You should keep in mind that it does get easily damaged by elements like water and the hot sun.


Carpet has certainly gone down in popularity over the decades. However, it is usually quite cost-effective therefore it is great for anyone on a budget. If you live in a cold climate the carpet can keep your feet feeling warm and cosy. It comes in an array of shapes, sizes, textures and colours so you can really have fun with it. But keep in mind that it requires a lot of vacuuming and an occasional washing or it gets quite filthy.


Bamboo is one of the newest popular flooring trends to sweep the nations. It is very similar to the quality of hardwood but if that is not your style then just get European oak floors Melbourne. Bamboo gives a sleek and modern look to the home, whilst also being very durable and easy to maintain. It is super long lasting and can easily be repaired due to the fact that it can be sanded and refinished, so it can look almost brand new.

This is just a small pros and cons list to help you select a material that you truly love and also one that fits in with the whole aesthetic of your home. There are also wooden flooring choices, ceramic tiles, marble, vinyl and so much more. So choose wisely because if there is a chance that you will not like the flooring you chose then it will be a very costly affair to have to replace it. So do some research and understand what works best for your country’s climate and also in your home design.

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