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Admit it. Not everyone likes to undergo the grueling construction phase of a house. Yes, it can be stressful with all the coordination activities that you need to make, the design drafts that you need to approve, and the materials that you need to select – all of these on top of the construction costs that you have to pay. Well, you can’t really blame them if they want the easier way out. After all, it all boils down to you having your house. Then again, should you consider purchasing a new home, there are certain reminders that you have to keep in mind.


The most important factor of all – budget. First things first. You need to set a budget. You need to determine to yourself the type of house that you can afford, and how much are you willing to shell out for your dream house to materialize. Although there are financing options that you can consider, some lending institutions believe that the ideal budget for your house is that which is within 3 to 5 times your annual household income. Applying such a rationale to a 20% house down payment would leave you with a moderate level of debt. Well, this is better than being buried in debt at the expense of a grand and beautiful home, isn’t it?

Real Estate Agent

Your life is going to be a lot easier if you employ the services of a real estate agent. Although his presence means additional cost for you to shoulder, his presence, undoubtedly, would save you a great deal of time and effort. He knows where the right houses are. He knows the documentary requirements that should be accomplished. He knows the negotiating skills and tactics that you do not have any idea of. Thus, save yourself from the burden and leave it to the real estate agent.

Home Inspection

Before buying the house, it is normal for you to personally check it. Through this, you can see whether the design suits your preference, and you can the real condition of the house. In case the design suits your taste, then you can consider buying it already. However, it would be best for you to inspect every corner of it. You should check for any damages – dents, leaks, holes – that you can find. Aside from the interior portion, you should also inspect the exteriors. If the house has a landscape, you should determine whether the landscaped area was in good in condition. Otherwise, you should note that Jims garden maintenance would be needed to fix it.


Although the seller has his own selling price, it would be best to have the house appraised. This will ensure that you are paying the right amount for the house. Of course, you do not want to pay more than its actual value. Hence, let the house be appraised by an expert so you are aware of its real cost.

You can save yourself from the messy world of construction by considering the actual home purchase. Keep these pointers in mind so you know what to look out for when buying a house.

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