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Whether you are designing your house from scratch or building or re-designing your house and changing the interior of it, there is a long list of things that needs to be done. Here are few things that you need to know when designing your house:

It Is A Long Process

Building your house from scratch is a time consuming and an expensive process. Before going ahead with it figure out what your budget is. Keep in mind that you might exceed the budget this is because there will be delays when there are weather changes or when the workers take a day off. Also you will have to hire an architect who will plan the whole house based on what you want. Once he/she is done with the plan it has to go to the government for an approval. This too will take time and sometimes government might ask you to change the plan which will thereby make this even slow. Once the plan is approved you will have to hire builders and provide them will all the necessary materials to build the house. All of this will at least take one year if not more. So go ahead with building your own house only if you have the budget for it and the patience to deal with so many workers at the same time.

Requires A Lot Of Creativity

Changing the interior of the house requires a lot of creativity. Most of the people hire an interior designer who would look into this segment. However, if you want to have your own personal touch then you should do it by yourself and not hire anyone. Keep in mind that this will take time for instance if you are not a creative person or if you don’t know much about the colour patterns then you will have to do a lot of research. You could even ask help from one of your friends who knows about this field. There are few basic principles which you could follow for example according to the experts your house should be painted in light colour as this will make it look spacious. You could play with colours when it comes to the furniture. For example if your living room is painted in white then you could opt for a red sofa set. Similarly if your bedroom is painted in beige you could go for colorful bed blankets. Another great way to have a pop of colour is by going for an attractive wall paint so you could go for beige wall paint with drawings in brown.

The Outdoor Area Is Important

Most of the time people don’t give much importance to the exterior of the house. Keep in mind that this is equally important as this is the first thing people see when they enter. You could change the gate to the latest models. Also if you have a garden make sure it is nicely trimmed and you could plant colorful flowers for it to look truly attractive.

Lastly, lights play a huge role here so go for a combination of bright and dim LED lights!

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