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We all understand playing outdoors benefits our children in many ways. But more often than not, we make excuses, and avoid sending them outdoors; even during the best of summer days. Here are 5 tips that will help to transform your garden into a safer space, so you no longer make excuses about sending your child outdoors.

Make Sure The Fences Protect Him From Unwanted Guests

If you live in a relatively safe neighborhood, where everyone looks out for each other, you might feel safe about allowing your little one to play in the garden while you work or see to chores indoors. However, even in a moment like this, where you don’t fear kidnapping, your child can still potentially be in danger if he runs in front of a passing vehicle. To ensure they are safe from a road accident, and the potential threat from unwanted guests, only allow them to play in the garden once you’ve ensure your property is well protected by a tall and steady fence.

Remove All Possible Trees That Pose A Threat To His Safety

Having tall and old trees that you’ve grown fond of over the years certainly adds to the charm of your garden; but it can also unfortunately cause harm to your child while he plays around it. Inspect your trees and find out if any branches are rotten or brittle with age. Trim those branches before they cause harm. If the entire tree is dangerous, it’s best getting it removed from your property. Contact professionals that do tree removal in Brisbane, as this a rather difficult task to see to yourself.

Destroy All Plants That Can Be Poisonous Or Harmful

Trees are not the only harm your little adventurer will face out in the garden. If they are still too young to understand how harmful certain plants can be, or understand the pain a thorny bush can inflict on them, they might not be wary of them. To avoid your little one falling into such a bush, it’s best removing said poisonous and prickly plants and bushes from their play area. If you’re growing for a reason (like Aloe Vera plants for burns), grow them in plants in a different part of your home. 

Level The Ground For Your Inexperienced Walker

If your little one is still unsteady with his walking, even the little holes left on the garden by critters and roots popping up above ground could be quite dangerous for them. If they’re still unsteady with their walking, they tend to walk at a faster pace, as they don’t have much balance. To avoid them tripping and falling (more than what they’re doing already), consider filling up the ground. You should also consider laying out a pavement for them to walk around. This also gives your garden a neater look.

Provide A Certain Amount Of Shade To Protect Him From The Harsh Sun

Finally, do your best to protect your little one from the harsh rays of the sun. Have a shade installed so they can play with their toys under it, or at least use it as a place to take a break from their playing. Have a little bench for them to rest on under it. In addition, don’t forget to apply sunscreen on them when they head outdoors as well. It also helps a great deal to have them dressed appropriately for the outdoors…

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