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It is always beyond exciting when you have to go shopping for new furniture, especially if you’re moving into a new house. More often than not, the whole family gets together to go shopping for whatever they need from dining tables to bedroom sets, to sofas. But when it comes to sofa shopping there are a few things you need to know about the types of couches available and which ones might be best for you and your family. So here is a short list of some of the most common sofas available for purchase:


These couches look so elegant and regal and make quite a statement when you walk into the living room. This couch is guaranteed to be one of the first things you will notice. It’s always a beautiful piece to look at, so if you’re looking for a sofa that makes your house look just a little bit posher and also stylish, then this is the sofa to go for. If you are looking for the perfect couch you can head to Nordik Living to buy at their Collingwood showroom and you will be sure to find the sofa of your choice!


Leather sofas are great if you are putting them in places like the TV or gaming room. They do require a little bit of maintenance though, because if you are in a climate that is very hot with high humidity then it could cause issues for your leather sofa. It may actually start peeling and after a while the leather will look very worn out and not look new anymore. So be cautious when you choose a leather couch.


Rattan sofas will always give your house a casual beach vibe. This is mainly thanks to the woven sides and base of the sofa seat. Such sofas are primarily used outdoors and help to give the house a more rustic and laid-back atmosphere. The woven section may sometimes need to be replaced if wear-and-tear on it becomes very visible.


These settees can give the house a beautiful and soft look when placed with the right furniture. They also suit more feminine tastes as they come in pastel colours and have exposed carved wooden frames with intricate designs on them. These couches are also a favourite in South Asian homes.


Remember that most sofas are quite reasonably priced but there are some that might be on the higher end of your budget. Whatever you choose make sure that the sofa is of good quality, because there’s no point spending a lot of money to buy a sofa that is not in the best condition or quality. Whatever the style may be purchase a sofa that is of premium quality so you know it will last long.

This is not a list of every single sofa type available, but it is adequate enough to give you an idea of what you can purchase. Never let furniture shopping stress you out, even though the many choices available may seem quite overwhelming, it is ultimately really fun to be selecting items to put into your new house or to use at your current house. So make the most of your shopping experience and all the best finding your perfect sofa!

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