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Tired of looking at your dull, lackluster floor? Do you have extra money to spare? Do you want visitors to marvel at how “expensive” and chic looking your home is? If you answer yes to any of the questions, it is time for you to consider having polished finishes for your concrete floor.

What are the various polished concrete finishes that you could avail? How is it different from your current concrete floor and how expensive it is? These might be the questions running through your mind now. Fortunately, the answers could be found below. Read on.

Stamped Concrete

Also called as textured concrete or imprinted concrete, stamped concrete is made to look whichever design is preferred. Stamped concrete could look like wood or brick or tile. The procedure for doing this is relatively easy which means if you are paying for manpower, the work could be done in a day or two depending on the floor measurement. Just adding the base color, then the accent color then stamping the concrete with the pattern and the whole procedure is done. Stamped concrete floor is also the least expensive decorative style since it is easier and does not require any other materials or equipment, ideal for recreational and outdoor areas.

Stencil Concrete

Stencil concrete is almost similar to stamped concrete although the design is more flexible especially if you already have an idea on how you want the concrete floor to look. There are numerous quality and affordable stencil patterns you could choose from to make your home look well-kept. This type of concrete finish is usually used around pools, driveways, path and or walkways and outdoor spaces.

Polished Concrete

Polished concrete on the other hand is ideal for the inside of your home, in the entry areas, the living room, the bathroom and other areas that are typically damp. Similar to stamped concrete, it is also affordable since it is a sustainable floor design, just enhancing your current floor by grinding, honing and polishing the concrete. This type of finish is fast becoming a favorite by homeowners, business owners and establishments because of the variety of design and the low maintenance nature of the polished concrete floor.

Concrete Overlays

If you already have a polished concrete floor but there are some visible and notable damage, you don’t have to overhaul the whole floor to make it look brand new. You just have to have concrete overlays. Since you don’t have to redo your whole floor, overlays are a cheaper alternative to breathe new life to your dreary floor. But, you have to take in consideration whether the damage to your floor is extensive. If the structural foundation of the floor is already impaired, overlays might not be sufficient to make up for the destruction.

The best way for you to decide on which polished concrete finish to apply in your home is to do your research and to ask the recommendations of the specialists. Better to have all the information and data before deciding to determine the best type of finish suited to your home and would fit into your budget.

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