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LPG gas heaters offer all the warmth and other benefits of a real open fire without the constant clean-up involved with wood fires. But once you’ve picked a gas fireplace in Melbourne from a reputable retailer, you’ll have two other options to decide between. Do you choose a ventless gas heater or one of the vented natural gas heaters available?  What’s the difference? And how do you know which one will better suit your needs when it comes to LPG gas heaters in your home? This articlewill take a close look at the differences between ventless and vented natural gas heaters to help you ascertain which kind of gas fireplace in Melbourne will best suit your home and your family’s needs. 

The Advantages of Vented LGP Gas Heaters

  • Better air quality
  • More realistic flame
  • Doesn’t need a chimney
  • No heat loss

These are the pros for choosing a vented gas fireplace in Melbourne for your home. Firstly, vented gas heaters ensure that the air quality isn’t adversely affected by their operation. All high-quality vented LPG gas heaters will have a high-temperature glass panel which separates the gas burning area of the fireplace from the air in your home. The vented gas fireplace in Melbourne will draw in air from outside and also expel gases outside so nothing will affect your indoor air quality. This is as opposed to a ventless gas fireplace in Melbourne, which vents inside the house.

Due to the burning temperature of vented gas heaters, their flame will always look more realistic when compared to the more blue coloured flame of ventless natural gas heaters. A vent also doesn’t have to be reliant on the presence of a chimney, as vented LPG gas heaters can vent horizontally through an exterior wall, which gives you greater installation flexibility.

Vented natural gas heaters minimise heat loss, as they’re separated from the air of the room, meaning cold air from windows and under doors cannot get sucked in by the heater. This means that your room will heat up more quickly and won’t lose so much heat.

The Advantages of Ventless Natural Gas Heaters

  • Highly efficient
  • More affordable
  • Easy installation
  • Venting unnecessary

While vented LPG gas heaters prevent heat loss, the efficiency of ventless LPG gas heaters really can’t be beaten, as all of the heat is being directed into your home and no heat is escaping up the chimney or flue. Ventless natural gas heaters are usually a much more affordable option for families on a budget. As you don’t need a method of venting gases outside, ventless LPG gas heaters are more flexible in terms of the locations that you can have them installed in your home. You have many more installation options available to you when you choose a ventless gas fireplace in Melbourne. For instance, you could have them placed in a wall that doesn’t vent to the outside, such as an interior wall. You could even have your gas fireplace situated right in the centre of a room.

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