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If you’re looking for a home to buy, consider working with a home inspector. They will make the purchase as smooth as possible. Why? Keep reading to find out.


Mould is very dangerous and you need to avoid homes with it. Unfortunately, you may find a home with mould and think it’s no big deal. This mentality is what makes it so dangerous as several types of it can cause insanity.

A home inspector is trained to find mould and examine if it’s deadly or not. So, you could potentnially save your family’s life with him by your side.

Weak Foundations

The home may look great, but the foundation it’s sitting on could be weak. You won’t know until you’ve moved in as you’d realize the flooring gives in very easily. Thus, you’ll damage your home quite often.

A home inspector can glance at a home and tell if something’s wrong with its foundation as it’s usually tilted due to how weak it is.

Exposed Wiring

Exposed wiring can kill you. Unfortunately, they’re not so easy to find as the exposed piece of wire could be small, but over time it could unravel, increasing in length.

The inspector would go through each nook and cranny of your home, assessing it for anything that would look like an exposed wire. With it pointed out, you can decide if you still want to buy the home or not.

A Bad Roof

How can you live in a home with a bad roof? Whenever it would rain, the roof would give in, making life miserable for you.

What’s worse is, if a storm hits, other homes would be able to stay put but your property would be destroyed as its weak roof will deteriorate.

The inspector would climb on your roof, going through the paneling and coating. By inspecting its structure he will let you know if there are any issues with it.


You need great plumbing if you’re going to live in the property. Otherwise, you’ll be struggling to get ready for work.

The plumbing in your home may be old, or worse- illegal.

If it is old, you can get it tended to easily, speaking to major names like The plumber Gawler. However, if it’s illegal, you’ll have to get the whole system redone as you’ll get in trouble with the municipal council otherwise.

Critters In Your Walls

Everyone hates pests. This is something that’s universal, so you don’t want to buy a home that’s littered with them.

You’d think that it’s easy to know if they’re around, but it’s not.

The most common place they’re likely to be is in between your walls. However, this is also the worst place they could be as it’s hard for you to know of their presence. That’s where an inspector comes in as he’ll assess the walls for signs of rodents.

The above points ran through the many benefits of working with a home inspector when looking for a home to purchase. As you see, they have quite a bit of benefits so be sure to book one.

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